Full Lash Volume Mascara

Give your eyes a new and vibrant expression by intensifying lash volume almost infinitely.

Size: 8 ml


A volume on-demand mascara that allows you to control the volume, to best suit you and your day.


Lashes look full and thick but with a super soft touch and no clumping.


For those who want volume flexibility and curl.


The Full Expansion Brush fans out the lashes for customised volume with no clumping. The brush contacts the lashes from every direction, distributing the mascara formula equally across each hair. Apply as many times as desired; the finish remains impeccable.

The unique 3D formula specifically developed for the Full Lash Volume Mascara combines layerable waxes and an innovative pigment for an unprecedented volume effect and a bouncy texture.

Available in 2 colors: black and brown.


Suitable for sensitive eyes. Fragrance free and dermatologist tested.


  1. Place the curved edge of the brush against lash root and apply mascara from root to tip. The Full Expansion Brush is slightly curved to match the natural shape of the eye.

  2. Brush up and away from you to add volume and fan out lashes.

  3. Use the tip of the brush to reach corner and bottom lashes.

  4. For dynamic effect, repeat to reach required volume.