The mantra of this summer: tan not burn!

1- Don’t rush the glow

Don’t put your skin in harm’s way just for a quick tan!


Build your tan by taking the least possible risks of burning or damaging your skin. It’s better to tan for two hours a day for three weeks than six hours a day for a week. The more you bronze gradually, the longer the tan is installed. Start with very short ranges of exposure like 15 minutes and gradually exposure over time.


Not to mention use a powerful 50+ SPF such as our Ultimate Sun Protection Lotion SPF 50+ or Clear Stick UV Protector, both of which use WetForce technology that strengthens protection upon your contact with water.


The Clear Stick UV Protector works over and under makeup for on-the-go protection. As for the lotion, simply apply this clear liquid before you leave the house and enjoy the beach!

2- Tan with make-up 

With the UV Protective Compact Foundation SPF 30, you can protect your skin whilst giving it a bronze appearance. Best part is you get the glow without the onslaught of rays from the sun.